Our Responsibility


Magcom plays its role as a sustainable developing company in the international community. We follow the standards covered in Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC), and monitor the existing or potential risks in terms of sustainability with E-TASC, or the Electronics Tool for Accountable Supply Chains.


We commit to our employees, shareholders and the society:

-             An accountable corporate management assuring and facilitating compliance with business ethics, labor laws, regulations and codes.

-             An ethics policy that supports

1.         Business integrity   

2.         No improper advantage  

3.         Disclosure of information  

4.         Intellectual property  

5.         Fair business practices

6.         Protection of identity

-             Friendly working places with avoidance of discrimination, and child labor.  

-             Continuous endeavors to assure the compliance of occupational health and safety company-wide.

-             Environmental protection policy that facilitates actions of pollution prevention, none-using of components that contains hazardous substances (RoHS & REACH compliant).      ˆ

-     Inviting suppliers to join the group of sustainable companies.

-             Non-stop efforts to develop environmental-friendly and energy-saving products to the global market.

We hunt certification  :
Add: 5F, Building B, No.248-32, Hsing-Shen Rd. Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
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